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Welcome to FestiveLights.biz

Since the year 2000 we have evolved as a dealer network serving clients with: 

High Quality Product                 Excellent Service                   Fair Pricing


The industry typically has the following frustrations.

Regular Replacement

Low quality product with no warranty and service backing will never endure typical handling and winter weather over time.

Frustration with Poor Service

"Fly by Night" installers have no incentive to do it right, nor to be gentle with your product.

Excessive Costs

Christmas Lights franchises has significant additional costs that they must eventually offload on the consumer.


Our Approach


Free Designs

With our state of the art graphic design system you can actually see what you get before you have to commit to an appointment or spend a dime.

TEN Year Product Warranty

Our warranty and the quality of our products are unmatched in the industry.

Excellent Service

We offer, but do not demand long term commitments. We are willing to earn your business each year.

Fair Pricing

Our prices are fair. We will respect your time by giving very realistic phone quotes.
We use our combined volume from multiple locations to negotiate the lowest possible product cost.
We maintain low overhead costs and high efficiencies by combining common activities like administration and marketing on a national scale.

Our one-of-a-kind lighting system ensures that your Christmas decorations will be a source of joy for years.

Be sure to browse our gallery and online catalog for more great ideas.